Replace Damaged Bricks On A Chimney's Exterior

If the chimney on your home is beginning to crumble, due to its age, learn how to replace damaged bricks with the following steps. Once the repair is complete, use the fireplace inside of your home, and smoke will safely be emitted through the restored chimney's opening.  Materials ladder trash bag putty knife soapy water scrub brush water hose bricks mortar mix mixing stick trowel Remove Damaged Bricks And Clean The Chimney's Exterior

Gables, Hips And Gambrels—A Primer On Your Garage Roof Choices

If you're building or renovating a garage, there are not a lot of stylistic or extra elements to be added. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, though, the roof can be a place to both add some functionality as well as a little style. Here is a quick primer on the 4 main roof styles for your new garage and what each can bring to the table. Gable Roof The gable roof is the most common of all garage roof styles.