Replace Damaged Bricks On A Chimney's Exterior

If the chimney on your home is beginning to crumble, due to its age, learn how to replace damaged bricks with the following steps. Once the repair is complete, use the fireplace inside of your home, and smoke will safely be emitted through the restored chimney's opening. 


  • ladder
  • trash bag
  • putty knife
  • soapy water
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • bricks
  • mortar mix
  • mixing stick
  • trowel

Remove Damaged Bricks And Clean The Chimney's Exterior

Set up a ladder near the chimney. Climb the ladder while a friend or family member spots you. Remove damaged bricks by hand and place them in a sturdy trash bag. If any brick pieces are breaking off, but are wedged in between other bricks, use the tip of a putty knife to assist with dislodging them.

Place the tool's tip under each brick section that is stuck and wiggle the tool's handle until the brick pieces come loose. Move a scrub brush that has been dipped into a bucket of soapy water firmly over any old mortar pieces that are stuck on the chimney's exterior. Rinse the chimney's surface with a steady stream of water and wait for the structure to dry.

Prepare Mortar Mix And Apply It To New Bricks

Prepare mortar mix according to the instructions listed on its package. Stir the mix and water until it is an even consistency. Be prepared to use the mortar right away because it will begin hardening after several minutes. Apply an even layer of mortar to the sides of one of the replacement bricks. Insert the brick in one of the spots where damage previously was. Press the brick firmly so that it adheres to any adjoining bricks. Let go of the brick after a few minutes and visually inspect it to make sure that it isn't moving.

Apply mortar to the sides of any other new bricks and install them with the same steps. The mortar will require a day or two to cure. During this time, avoid using the fireplace in your home. After the mix has cured, the chimney will be restored to the condition it was in before damage occurred. You can use the fireplace whenever desired and the chimney will remain intact.

Maintain The Chimney

Hire a professional company to assist with cleaning the chimney's interior after using the fireplace many times. A chimney specialist will address any problems and help keep the chimney maintained. For more information, contact Direct Chimney Services chimney repairs or a similar company.