Strengthen Your Car's Safety From Foreign Objects By Strengthening Its Glass

The glass windows and windshield in your car are the weakest areas in terms of safety. It's more likely that a foreign, external object will make its way through the glass in your vehicle then through any of the metal parts, after all. Therefore, increasing the integrity of your windows and windshield is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe. Here are a few methods of making sure your auto glass is always at its best.

Self-healing Windshield Glass

Despite your best efforts towards vigilance, there's always a chance that you might miss some minor nick or break in your windshield. The problem is, the longer you miss repairing this problem, the more chance there is that it could become a major problem and threaten the strength of your windshield.

One solution to this issue is an emerging technology called self-healing glass. This glass would have a coating inside of it that automatically hardens and seals cracks and small scratches when they occur by reacting to sudden exposure to the outside.

Some experts are so confident about the future of self-healing glass that they predict it will be a market worth $300 million in the next 6 years.

Laminate for Side and Rear Windows

So, windshields are already designed to be stronger than other windows in your car due to the expectation of damage. And, self-healing technologies could increase this strength against outside threats like pebbles and other foreign objects.

This leaves your side and rear windows, which still need to protect you as well, but aren't often made to be as strong as the windshield. One way automakers are seeking to fix this issue is by using stronger laminated glass approaches for the other windows in your car.

The reason why your windshield is stronger in the first place is because it's often already made of this laminated glass. This substance is made of two layers of glass with something in between such as polyvinyl butryal to keep the window from completely breaking apart even if it shatters.

Laminated glass is often also sometimes referred to as "safety glass." It's likely that some automakers will start to add safety glass to side and rear windows in the near future, so it's worth checking to see which cars start offering this feature if you worry about safety.

After all, damage can come from any direction so it's important to make sure your auto glass is strong enough to stand up to it beforehand. Talk to experts like Solarteck Auto Glass for more informaiton.